The Zodiacs Club was started in 2002 and prior to 2006 it was a club of twelve caravan/motor
caravan ralliers. These eventually decided to move into static homes and the rallying function
ceased. The Club entered into a decline until only the secretary was left. At this point ACCEO
was informed of the situation and a takeover request made. On October 18th 2006 four
people met to discuss the situation and how to utilise it. As a consequence ''The Zodiacs''
Club was taken over and by December the constitution had been re-written, the officials
appointed and paragraph six exemption renewed.

The Club was launched at the Feburary 2007 NEC show via the ACCEO stand and the
first new member was obtained. By September 2007 paragraph four exemption
had been obtained and ninety-seven members admitted. Five rallies were succesfully
run during 2007.

The first AGM was held in may 2008 and no changes were made. The Club continued to
expand and November ended with one-hundred and fifteen members. The usual fall out
situation with a club due to illness and personal changes reduced the membership to ninety-nine
at year end. Twenty-five rallies were successfully run during the year.

The progress has continued with 2009 bringing thirty-four rallies, including the
first overseas rally and the development of this website which is continuing.

Hon, Sec.